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JKLL is a movement towards achieving the objective of Self Determination for people of Jammu Kashmir as promised in various resolution of United Nations Security Council


Kashmir issue is a political issue that has to be resolved politically by assessing the will of the people of the State of Jammu Kashmir in a free and fair manner.


Govt of Pakistan should recognise the Muzaffarabad including Gilgit Baltistan as representative of the people of entire State of Jammu Kashmir.


JKLL is the only political party in the State of Jammu Kashmir whose founder President Mr K H Khurshid witnessed the history of sub continent in the making. He was privy to the thinking and policies of Mr M A Jinnah as his closest aide and advisor during most crucial time of history 1944 -47.

Based upon the International agreement and the Independence Act of India 1947 Mr Khurshid tried to revive a movement for freedom of the State of Jammu Kashmir that was thrown into cold storage by persons of vested interests in charge at the helm of affairs.

He abolished the draconian rules of business formulated by the minister of Kashmir Affairs Division Government of Pakistan Mr Mushtaq Ahmed Gormani minister without portfolio through Karachi Agreement of 1949.


  • JKLL works for revival of Mr Jinnah’s policy on Kashmir and asks empowering of the Muzaffarabad government by the government of Pakistan.

  • This not only empowers the representatives of people of J&K state to present their case Internationally. This also breaks the impression of Jammu Kashmir being a border dispute between India and Pakistan.

  • The strategy also ensures safety to the borders of Pakistan from foreign aggression as Pakistan experienced after Operation Gibraltar in 1965.

  • It’s the only way to seek political support from International community as an empowered representative status of a government is far more acceptable to the International community compared to its current situation.