About jkll

Jammu kashmir liberation league (jkll) was formed on the 29-30 september 1962 in a convention of elected representatives of people of jammu kashmir from all parts of the areas of jammu kashmir administered by pakistan and the refugees living in pakistan who migrated after 1947 from jammu kashmir. Mr k h khurshid was elected as the founder president of the party who at the time was also the president of ajk.

Main objective behind the launch of jkll was to achieve right of self determination for the people of jammu kashmir as promised by the united nations.

Proposed strategy
The ideology was drawn from the independence act 1947 and the changed circumstances of the state of jammu kashmir in october 1947. Mr khurshid an imminent barrister who was privy to mr jinnah during the most crucial years of creation movement of pakistan and was well aware of the legal matters pertaining to the state of jk. He proposed that the govt of muzaffarabad be recognised as the rebellious dejure govt of hari singh and representative of the people of entire state of jammu kashmir.
He asked government of pakistan to recognise it and then ask other friendly countries to recognise this government. Then facilitate the representatives of the people of jk to inform the representatives of the global community of nations to seek help achieve their objective of self determination.