“Pakistan was created by me, my secretary (KH Khurshid) and his typewriter.”  – Jinnah, Lahore 1947

“If in Pakistan Khurshid is not Pakistani, then no one living in Pakistan is a Pakistani” – Miss Fatima Jinnah, 1965.

Government of the State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir should be recognised as rebellious, Degure Government of Maharaja Hari Singh and representative of the people of entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. – JKLL Convention, Muzzaffarabad 1961

“Self determination is birth right of people of Jammu Kashmir.  Our struggle would continue till we achieve our objectives” – KH Khurshid.


We believe in peaceful political struggle to achieve our right of self determination.  

Jammu Kashmir is issue of self determination of its people, not a border dispute between India and Pakistan.